Commercial Security

Involves in protecting commercial properties, businesses, and assets by
monitoring access, preventing unauthorized entry, responding to security breaches,
conducting security patrols, and ensuring the overall safety and security
of the establishment.

Vigilance Beyond Boundaries, Your Safety, Our Priority

Residential Security

Involves the deployment of trained security personnel to protect residential properties, residents, and assets by monitoring and responding to potential threats, intrusions, and emergencies, aiming to create a secure and safe living environment

Industrial Security

Involves in safeguarding physical assets, critical infrastructure, and sensitive information within industrial facilities to prevent unauthorized access, espionage, and potential threats, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of essential processes.

Event Security

Involves in ensuring the safety and security of events, such as concerts, sporting events, conferences, and festivals by crowd management, access control, conflict resolution, and emergency response, and protecting all

Electronic Security

Surveillance Cameras , Intrusion Detection Systems , Access Control Systems , Burglar Alarms, Fire Detection and Alarm Security Lighting , Intercom and Video Entry Systems , Perimeter Security , Cyber security , Measure Environmental Monitoring